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Product Design.

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UX Case Studies are currently under construction. Please contact me for immediate product design work samples.
Digital transformation of HR processes • MVP • Web App

HR Process Platform

MVP design for foundation for a multi-module environment to evolve into wider HR processes & technology stack, ensuring Edisonda’s Client becomes the destination for a complete talent acquisition journey.

Product strategy & design for a smart gig economy startup


Thanks to the power of psychology and machine learning, Staffly web app automates recruitment process by connecting the right employers and employees.

„Work is better when it fits.”

Web App (Cloud) • Mobile App • Factory App (Embeded)

Urban – the app for Smart City

Concept creation and full product design of – a Cloud/SaaS apps family in Internet of Things industry. Urban Smart City Platform lets users manage luminaire infrastructure – setting up, monitoring & servicing IoT devices in the field.

UX design and branding for a startup


Apparel printing e-commerce mobile app Printomatic lets clients to order clothing with custom prints. We helped transforming their business idea into a product as they made their first steps into the market.

UX/UI Design for Easy Enterprise Data Quality Management

DQ*Plus for Acme Data

A key goal of the DQ*Plus product design for Acme Data was elimination of the frustrating complexities common to most enterprise applications. Further, several features were developed to greatly accelerate the processes that take you from integration to deployment.

Full Concept Design, UX Strategy & Product Design

Tutoringo App

Tutoringo – web platform matching ambitious students with talented tutors. Machine learning based tool automates the process of customer acquisition, making appointments, e-commerce transaction & information. An ideal tutoring marketplace for your education needs.

Product Design Examples