Active, not stiff! Senior Social Campaign

  • DATE:
    Ministry of Labor and Social Policy / FLIS Foundation / Assiociation CHANCE
    Art direction, graphic design, illustration digitalization & edition; dtp; project management
  • TOOLS:
    lllustrator, Photoshop, scanner
    Marketing, Social Campaign, Project Management

Social campaign promoting the activity of people 60+ as the counteraction to the stereotype of "useless old people".

Its aim is to draw attention to the problems of older people and an attempt to break the stereotypes about old age. We want to show seniors in a positive light – as interesting, passionate people who can inspire younger generations. The campaign is an active counteracting the marginalization of older people and stereotypes about old age and alerts the younger part of the society about the often difficult situation of seniors. It is to promote active seniors and at the same time encourage them to an active lifestyle.

We invited active seniors from the local society to participate in the campaign. While scouting the most active seniors, we had selected a group of 5 60+ volunteers who, sharing their experience and competences, will be a tangible example of the promoted idea of ​​an active senior. The authenticity of the heroes of the campaign will make its message more effective.

This helped build a positive image of an active senior in the local environment and help encourage older people to actively participate, which will strengthen their potential and raise self-esteem.

In our social campaign the goal was to achieve the recipient's awareness and attitude. It aimed to remedy the problem by providing knowledge. Changes in attitudes are not achieved by one-time action, and new habits must be cherished. That is why we have planned our social campaign in the long term and it was aimed at several months of regularity in dealing with the problem.

Presenting the issue of 60+ senior citizens' activity in popular media drew the attention of citizens to them and increased public awareness, and the mere awareness of the problem can do a lot: the identified problem is easier to deal with. The campaign led to reflection and even a response to the matter, whether positive or negative, and it is always better than ignorance or total ignorance.

Brochures, posters, billboards and audio spot was developed. They were distributed in the region. Campaign materials will be transferred to municipalities, and through them to local instituions and organistaions, OPS, PCPR, care and education centers, social assistance organizational units carrying out tasks for the benefit of the elderly, schools, police units, churches, health care, non-governmental organizations, etc.

In local radio stations there was spot, while in the local press information about the campaign and press ads. Local media was actively involved, in which sponsored articles devoted to the issues of the social campaign was published, including information on the contact database for the elderly.

I was resposnible for creating the concept, copy, preparation, direction and graphic design of materials. Have managed the whole production process and overseeing the implementation in the local media. THe photoshoot took place during 3 days, and it was performed by a great photographer in the person of Piotr Michalski.