Albert Riele's Premiere

  • DATE:
    Albert Riele
    Web Banner design, Landing Page design, Newsletter design; press advertising set; Photo editing
  • TOOLS:
    InDesign, lllustrator, Photoshop
    Marketing Design, Publishing design, Digital design

Albert Riele redefines style. He courageously carries out perfect solutions in a fresh, modern spirit. It is the answer to the question of how a modern, higher-end watch should look. In the design of the Albert Riele timepieces tradition, which is a kind of pattern, is  meeting with a vision of talented designers full of youthful energy. Detailed accents are adding deliberate extravagance. Albert Riele's characteristic and recognizable design is the effect of absolute coherence, where all elements of the watch harmonize with each other.

Albert Riele Premiere. New line opening the new period in the history of Albert Riele, defining the nature of the brand and setting its ambitious direction. The premium collection, showing timepieces of various functions, including chronographs. There are also editions with an additional bracelet or stripe and a dedicated case. The art direction for a marketing campaign was based on the tag line "New history. Ambitious direction." showing product on a wide mood-shots. 

Cross-channel marketing design consistent with other channels,
like newsletters, landing pages, press advertising, outdoor etc. Created banner sets, landing pages, social media graphics, newsletters, press ads and digital posters for outdoor digital displays.