Rebranding & Marketing Campaign for Association TONE

  • DATE:
    2016 August-November
    Association of Hearing-Impaired People TONE
    identity; brand design; marketing design; web design, CSS/HTML
  • TOOLS:
    lllustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, WordPress, Notepad++
    Identity design, Branding, Marketing Campaign (design & coordination)

Association for the Hearing Impaired TONE is a regional non profit working for the awareness of hearing deficits and helping hearing impaired people.

The aim of the association's activity is to counteract social isolation and implementing equal opportunities for people with hearing impairments in the field of education and the labor market as well as comprehensive development of people affected by hearing dysfunctions. Focusing on increasing awareness, hearing testing and education about coping with the deficits it helps hundreds of people on a regular basis, and educating thousands through its outreach programs in schools and throughout the city.

They have approached me with a clear plan. They were planning a big campaign thanks to the fund from the municipality and were afraid that they curent brand look and lack of website would not make an impact they are aiming for. So the full rebrand work was the main focus, but they would also like to create the campaign materials consisted with the new look.

So first, there was an intensive interview part - both with the board of the organization as with the many regular members using their services. After getting the initial info, I have performed the research in the local market as well as in the internet widening the scope.

I have prepared the complete branding materials and identity signage, which has been warmly received by the members of the association.

Next part was to design a new website. Clean, white-blue themed design, with basic fundamental info. They prefer the regular communication - email and phone initial contact is the best and they ensure to invite the interested people to meet in person, where they can communicate more freely.

After that we have prepared the more traditional marketing materials - poster and a leaflet, that were to communicate the basic info about “first signal of hearing problems” and call to action: test your hearing. As the full funding came from municipality it was imposed to include some extra info about funding as well as coat arms of the region. Using local organization for distribution we also included their branding, It slightly obscured the first clean design, but it was a compromise needed for securing the greatest reach possible. It was worth it as in the result of the company there was 252% increase in testing and the TONE registered more over 300 new clients of their work in the first month.

The association is aware that their presence in the internet is not consistent enough yet. BUt the first goal – to be visible and to get the “traditional” contact info through this channel – has been achieved. Next step would be finding volunteer to actively maintain the web and social media presence.

“I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Lukas Zygiel in the transformation process of identity and of our Association for the Hearing Impaired TONE in Glogow. He was also the lead creative in planing, designing and executing our marketing campaign. His knowledge and insight as well as professionalism in creating new version of the brand and creating and overseeing the realization of our campaign "Investigate your hearing" in Glogow region was really effective and led to the 250% increase of hearing testing in the region. The results of Lukas’s work can be seen on our website I have great respect for its professionalism, knowledge and sense in the subject.

Sincerely, Wiesław Drop
// President of the Association for the Hearing Impaired TONE