Strong NGO Social Campaign

  • DATE:
    District Office in Glogow / FLIS Foundation
    Art direction, graphic design, illustration digitalization & edition; dtp; project management
  • TOOLS:
    lllustrator, Photoshop, scanner
    Marketing, Social Campaign

In 2013, the "Non Government Organisation Workshop" project was launched by the Local Social Initiatives Foundation in partnership with the District Office in Głogów. The project was addressed to activists of non-governmental organizations from the area.

An important element of the activities – in addition to NGOs, training, animation and expert meetings, and information activities – was a social campaign promoting the third sector among the local inhabitants. As part of this campaign, non-governmental organizations were promoted as an important element of civil society and an attractive place for self-fulfillment.

Foundation invited representatives of 5 non-governmental organizations from the region to participate in the campaign who, by giving their image, became the protagonists of campaign activities. Their images have been presented in the form of drawings in campaign materials (brochure, posters) as a strong wasps OSA (in Polish NGOsy sounds similar to a word osa, eng. wasp).

The entire campaign concept is based on the comic graphic convention combined with the entomological and encyclopedic presentation of substantive content. The whole with a touch of humor in the background.

Campaign materials have been distributed across various channels in the region and were promoted for about a month. The main goal of the campaign was to raise the awareness about non-governmental activities.

I have created the copy, directed the art creation of my collegue, great illustrator (pencil drawing) Adam Kopiec, than transformed it into digital version, and worked out the layout, colors, and message. Prepared DTP files for printing.