Źródło Zdrowia Branding Cafe Branding Set

Źródło Zdrowia Branding

  • DATE:
    Źródło Zdrowia (Health Origin)
    Logotype; stationery, graphic design, Photo editing
  • TOOLS:
    lllustrator, Photoshop
    Brand design, stationery, product branding

Local startup entering the market with a healthy sandwich cafebar. The business is run by a professional dietician who provides consultancy and training services as well. Fresh juices and sandwiches made with fresh bread and vegetables being main menu item, but the service includes diet consultations.

The owner requested the logotype with a basic stationery and few food-related items items. Concept was based on the moodboard created together with the client. The first drafts were heavily transformed and the graphic sign has been introduced by the client into the process.

The result is a styled logotype with a basic graphics used consistently across various materials.